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[audio]DCRPS008 - Dance Corps
Loffciamcore & Odaxelagnia - Party Warfare!!!
Keywords: Dancecore
Downloads: 1,256
[audio]SolidShark - Bocca Beach (Bass Up! Remix)
Dancecore wow!!!))
Keywords: dancecore; hands up
Downloads: 15
DCRPS008 - Loffciamcore & odaxelagnia - Party Warfare!!! 6 Tracks of intense dancecore by two talented new producers from Poland.
Keywords: dancecore; speedcore; breakcore
Downloads: 969
[audio]techno ur ass off - hitler jesusasarass rex
my new album dancecore from hell
Keywords: dance dancecore trance alternative
Downloads: 37
[audio]U.S,A. KING$ - Generation of Dance
Generation of Dance
Keywords: dancecore USAkings dance
Downloads: 89
[audio]DCRPS007 - Annoying Ringtone
DCRPS007 - Annoying Ringtone - Party Killer
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; cybergrind
Downloads: 1,266
[audio]Dancecore micromix (test) - Hypothraxer
Little dancecore @ 250 BPM micromix, just for test/appreciation. It will be deleted soon. No tracklisting this time ! Hypothraxer
Keywords: hardcore; dancecore; mash-up
Downloads: 79
[unknown]DCRPS002 - Annoying Ringtone - Granite City Dancecore - Annoying Ringtone
Brand new dancecore album by Annoying Ringtone. www.myspace.com/annoyingringtone
Keywords: dancecore; speedcore; breakcore
Downloads: 1,811
DJ Gay's Anatomy - Nu E D Dax För Litta Romance Up In Dis Mthrfckr
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; techno; eurodance
Downloads: 4,006
[audio][Siro269] [tlr] - 200 ice creams - Sirona_Records
[tlr] - 200 ice creams 320kbps - November 2011 Breakcore / Dancecore / Remix / Other Tracklist: 01 - Amenity - Shine 02 - Captain Ahab - Acting Hard 03 - Johan Ess - 8-Bit Standard 04 - Electric Suicide Method - This Is A Hit 05 - Cindergarden - Things That Never Die (Good Version) 06 - The Polyamorous Affair - Merry Go Round 07 - Aerodrone - Late To The Party 08 - Microphone Mike - Booty Call 09 - Cindergarden - Things That Never Die (Bad Version) 10 - To My Boy - I Am X-Ray 11 - Ming & Ping - ...
Keywords: Breakcore; Dancecore; Remix; Other
Downloads: 4,191
Downloads: 28
[audio][ABC 001] USA Kings - Copa Del Rave - USA Kings
When music from the 90's meeting music of end of the world's era on a battlefield of the breakcore.
Keywords: mashup; dancecore; breakcore; frenchcore; hardcore
Downloads: 227
[audio]Dancecore test mix 1 - Hypothraxer
Little dancecore/breakcore/mash-up/whatever mix, made quickly. Tracklist : Sinead O'Connick JR - un rock à Billy (Dance Corps 004) DJ Gay's Anatomy - kär lek (Dance Corps 003) USA Kings - magicstars (Sociopath Recordings 103) Loffciamcore - Lady Gaga make dance on my dick (NoizeMasters Records 005) Shitmat - Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic (Wrong Music 011 CD) Annoying Ringtone - United Provinces Of Dance (Feat...
Keywords: hardcore; breakcore; dancecore; mash-up
Downloads: 157
AleX Tune - Hyper Ravecore Party! Dancecore from Ukraine. AWESOME
Keywords: dancecore; mashcore; happy hardcore; breakcore
Downloads: 883
DCRPS010 - GORESHIT - Dancefloor Degrader First release on Dance Corps by lolicore pioneer Goreshit! Contains 9 tracks of extreme dancecore madness.
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; mashcore; gabber; lolicore
Downloads: 1,496
Drunk Optimus & BOB The Builder! - Bistro & Huevo
Keywords: breakcore; mashcore; dancecore; dance corps
Downloads: 699
[audio]Majoor Moeilijk
Mashup, breakcore, 8-bit, terror, dancecore, gaypop. Tracklist 01. Sabrepulse - Logoff 02. Bearforce 1 - Bitforce 8 (Majoors derp mashup) 03. Annoying Ringtone - You Spin Me Round (Like A Jet Turbine) 04. Pizza Circus - Smokamikaweedze 05. Meow Meow vs Jefflocks - Currence 06. Pizza Circus - Gallant Dick 07. Annoying Ringtone - Make Us Kings 08. Drunk Optimus - Zombies On The Dancefloor 09. Headlez Ponch - You Are My Personal Brand Of Urine 10...
Keywords: Mashup; Breakcore; Dancecore; Majoor Moeilijk
Downloads: 19
Dance Corps 37 - CDR - Idol Idiots CDR's debut album on Dance Corps. Enjoy!
Keywords: breakcore; dancecore; japanese; noise; experimental
Downloads: 617
2nnt - Deadly Chemistry 2nnt is a producer of hard electronic music from Helsinki, Finland. Deadly Chemisty is the third (of three) albums in his "Deadly" trilogy. You can download the first (Deadly Odd) here: http://download948.mediafire.com/aici73rrkm2g/cdyb46izqy0ffec/DCRPS019.zip And the second (Deadly Nightshade) here: http://www.archive.org/download/DCRPS023/DCRPS023.zip
Keywords: Gabber; dancecore; dance corps; breakcore; hardcore
Downloads: 540
DCRPS024 - Fat Frumos & KOJAN - Masters Of DubSTEB. 320kbps mp3s.
Keywords: breakcore; dancecore; mashcore; hardcore; happy hardcore
Downloads: 841
DCRPS011 - Audiotist - Going Sane In A Crazy World First ever net-release by up and coming Belgian breakcore producer 'Audiotist'. Download now and melt your ears in the best way possible!
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; mashcore; gabber; hardcore; chiptune; chipbreak
Downloads: 1,137
Ecchi-Chan's Dance Corps debut "Seizure Rave!!"
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; mashcore; awesome; hardcore; speedcore; remix
Downloads: 939
Dance Corps Proudly Presents: Odaxelagnia - PARTYCORE 15 tracks of extreme dancecore from Poland!
Keywords: breakcore; dancecore; mashcore; mash-up; speedcore; gabber
Downloads: 2,416
Kaktus Ice - PEAS (2010) Dancecore from Germany!
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; awesome; groovy; mash-up
Downloads: 962
Free album from Vol.4 Records head honcho Limited Toss, the first Japan based artist on the Dance Corps roster. 8 tracks of punk Japanese rave punk core. Enjoy!
Keywords: dancecore; rave; ravecore; breakcore; happy hardcore; mashcore
Downloads: 1,095
ARTIST: Negrobeat TITLE: Absolute Rave Vol.2: What's Wrong With My Dancecore (Swag)? RELEASE DATE: 05/07/2012 CAT#: DCRPS036 Tracklist 01. I Killed Beiber 02. Satisfaction 03. Catch Me If You Can! 04. Sexophone Party 05. Oldskool 06. Koskit I Hagen (Feat. Skeptisk) 07. Saxparty Rave 08. Gabberin' 09. ¿Que Pasa Paradox? 10. ¡Me Gusta! 11. Schizophrenia 12. Holding Out For A Working Class Hero (Feat...
Keywords: dancecore; mashcore; breakcore; swedish; dance corps; gabber
Downloads: 635
DCRPS039 - Fat Frumos - WTF?! 12 track rave album by Fat Frumos of Ukraine.
Keywords: dancecore; rave; happy hardcore; ukrainian; dance corps
Downloads: 793
Sinead O'Connick Jr. - Non-Stop Zapping
Keywords: Dancecore; Dance Corps; Breakcore; Mash-up; Experimental
Downloads: 690
Drunk Optimus - Remixes For Butthurt
Keywords: dancecore; mashcore; happy hardcore; breakcore; extratone
Downloads: 853
Dance Corps 25 - Annoying Ringtone & Audiotist - Apocalypse Afterparty! Dancecore, breakcore, speedcore, hardcore mashcore, mash-up extravaganza from Scotland & Belgium.
Keywords: dancecore; dance corps; speedcore; breakcore; hardcore; mashcore
Downloads: 1,185
[audio][ABC 002] Riot Samples - The Magic Of The Summer Ressaka - Riot Samples
Breakcore and summer? Breakcore is summer!
Keywords: abc; riot samples; breakcore; dancecore; accordion
Downloads: 81
2nnt - Deadly Odd First release on Dance Corps by gabber / dancecore artist 2nnt from Helsinki, Finland.
Keywords: gabber; dancecore; dance corps; hardcore; breakbeat; rave
Downloads: 627
[audio][RAHC027] Distorted Eliminator - Various Artists
Digital Hardcore Compilation! Guitar its super-fast trotting body! Whatever experience the Noise and Distortion!
Keywords: Digital Hardcore; Speedcore; Terrorcore; Dancecore; Splittercore
Downloads: 586
ARTIST: Various ArtistsTITLE: Dance Corps 4 - Return To Planet DancecoreRELEASE DATE: 12/06/2013CAT#: DCRPS050Tracklist01. Onichomp - WITH THAT, I JAMMED02. Alex Tune - Dancecore Me Baby03. Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The Love Parade04. DJKurara - Dancecore Outrageous05. Zbuntowany Roman - Breakcore Has Nothing To Do With Maths06. IllegallyEmbezzleMp3 - Njesvarjenjie07. soz.IO - Return of the Moo-Warrior08...
Keywords: dancecore; rave; mashcore; breakcore; happy hardcore; dance
Downloads: 1,204
[audio]Album - Majikal Atmosfere
Majikal Atmosfere's 1st release. Duration: 41 minutes myspace.com/majikalatmosfere
Keywords: album; experimental; dancecore; music; majikal; atmosfere; david; abraham
Downloads: 99
The Captain Kirk On LSD Experience - Dancecore from Outer Space
Keywords: Dance Corps; Dancecore; Techno; Rave; Eurodance; Electro; Cybergrind
Downloads: 1,055
Annoying Ringtone (UK) & Distonn (Russia) present: "Nightclub Annihilator" 8 tracks of dancecore, breakcore, gabber, speedcore, grindcore and general electronic craziness. Released through Dance Corps (a dancecore netlabel).
Keywords: dancecore; breakcore; speedcore; gabber; awesome; cool; jolly; insane
Downloads: 1,104
Omyigacore - 'Potlahe! Dancecore / breakcore / hardcore release from a talented Belgium artist! Released through Dance Corps (a dancecore netlabel) 19/04/2011.
Keywords: dancecore; dance corps; breakcore; ghent; awesome; techno; frenchcore; hardcore
Downloads: 1,014
Onichomp [aka. Kanista] releases his new album Kzch 1st August 2012 through Dance Corps.
Keywords: kanista; dance corps; breakcore; noise; glitch; dancecore; experimental; electronica
Downloads: 463
McMaNGOS - Super Kawaii Lolicore Party Raving Fun-Time! A dancecore album by youtube poop master McMaNGOS. Released on Dance Corps netlabel.
Keywords: dancecore; youtube poop; rave; gabber; speedcore; awesome; yeah
Downloads: 740
Dumb Fix - Invaders Dumb Fix's debut on the Dance Corps label. 8 tracks of breakcore/chiptune. Enjoy!
Keywords: breakcore; dancecore; dance corps; 8 bit; 8bit; chip; chiptune
Downloads: 571
Casketkrusher's debut on Dance Corps; a brand new 12 track rave album entitled: ã¬ã¤ã´ã®å. Featuring 9 100% original tracks, 2 Goreshit remixes and an edit of Technohead's classic happy hardcore song "I wanna be a hippy". Enjoy!
Keywords: rave; dancecore; happy hardcore; breakcore; breakbeat; 90s
Downloads: 1,504
Goreshit - Wake Up, Painful Sister! ARTIST: Goreshit TITLE: Wake Up, Painful Sister! RELEASE DATE: 31/08/2012 CAT#: DCRPS042 Tracklist 01. GO!! 02. jeh, right 03. boomerang rush 04. aibii! 05. janinfloli 06. winkles twinkle '11 07. wake up, painful sister! 08. heaven 09. when i die
Keywords: lolicore; dancecore; dance corps; mashcore; remix; mashcore; electronic; techno; electronic
Downloads: 1,602
ARTIST: Audiotist TITLE: Music Obsession RELEASE DATE: 03/11/2012 CAT#: DCRPS045 01. Stupid Spoiled Whore 02. Dumb Fuck 03. Get This Or Die 04. Extreme Shuffling ENJOY!
Keywords: breakcore; hardcore; dancecore; mashcore; speedcore; noise; dance corps
Downloads: 724
ARTIST: Fed. & Annoying Ringtone TITLE: The 90s Never Died! RELEASE DATE: 11/09/2012 CAT#: DCRPS043 Tracklist 01. Fed. - Raving Man 02. Fed. - Dancing Cough 03. Fed. - Fatboy Mashup 04. Annoying Ringtone - Pesenka Speedcore 05. Annoying Ringtone - Skip & Play 06. Annoying Ringtone - Move On Bitch!
Keywords: dancecore; rave; mashcore; dance corps; belarus; scotland; 90s
Downloads: 683
[audio]DCRPS057 - LOLI NURSE
ARTIST: LOLI NURSETITLE: LOLI NURSE EPRELEASE DATE: 24/04/2014CAT#: DCRPS057Tracklist01. explorer_desu02. regsvr32_desu03. rundll32_desu04. winlogon_desu05. crss_desu06. svchost_desuENJOY!
Keywords: Mashcore; breakcore; happy hardcore; dancecore; lolicore; gabber; fun
Downloads: 265
Pinkie Cake - Dubspeed Corestep Every so often we like to shake things up a little and release something slightly different; it's often noisy, experimental and sometimes downright bizarre. Pinkie Cake's new album is all of the above. It is also MASSIVELY original. Here we have a 9 song album of experimental speedcore remixes of dubstep tracks, with a little bit of classic dancecore vibes thrown in for good measure...
Keywords: speedcore; dubstep; dancecore; mashcore; mash-up; experimental; noise; fun
Downloads: 659
Imil's long awaited speedcore album "A Speedcore State Of Mind", released 29th February 2012. Dance Corps
Keywords: speedcore; dancecore; breakcore; gabber; hardcore; dutch; oss; dance corps
Downloads: 1,785
DCRPS030 - goreshit / Annoying Ringtone split. 10 tracks of dancecore, mashcore, breakcore and hardcore.
Keywords: goreshit; annoying ringtone; mashcore; dancecore; mash-up; rave; happy hardcore
Downloads: 2,190
GO HERE FOR DOWNLOAD: http://archive.org/details/DCRPS054_ALEXTUNE ARTIST: Alex Tune TITLE: Remix 'Em All! RELEASE DATE: 21/07/2013 CAT#: DCRPS054 Tracklist 01. Remix 'Em All (Intro) 02. Your Bunny Rave (N.A.O.M. remix) 03. Frequencies (Kirlian Remix) 04. Mayonez Anthem (Fast Record Remix) 05. Take This (STFKSHMRV Remix) 06. Your Bunny Rave (MARU303 Remix) 07. Wicked Rave (BSK Hardcore Chiptune Remix) 08...
Keywords: breakcore; darkstep; idm; atmospheric; drum and bass; dnb; hardcore; speedcore; lolicore; dancecore; dance corps
Downloads: 97
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